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The #1 Canadian movie musical now on digital and on-demand in the USA and Canada.

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Hamilton meets Fiddler on the Roof meets West Side Story” – Reel Chicago. “Infectious songs…pure feeling punches through” – Variety. Broadway-worthy tunes” – Globe & Mail. “Arresting performances…handsome production” – Washington Post.  “One of the greatest historical stories I have ever seen” – Hollywood North.  “A musical the entire world could benefit from watching” – Cryptic Rock

An immigrant Romeo & Juliet battle for love and a better future during a time of social upheaval. Director Robert Adetuyi (“Stomp the Yard”, “Bring It On”) teams up with two-time Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Roy Wagner in this movie adaptation of Juno-award-winning composer Danny Schur & Rick Chafe’s hit stage musical.

Starring Marshall Williams (“Glee”, “How to Build a Better Boy” – Disney), Laura Slade Wiggins (“Shameless”, “Nancy Drew & the Hidden Staircase”), Lisa Bell & Gregg Henry (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Scandal”).  Featuring Hayley Sales (“Deadpool 2”), Paul Essiembre, Tristan Carlucci, Gabriel Daniels, Ryan Ash, Blake Taylor, Robin Ruel & Boris Gulyarin. “Stand” sung by Lisa Bell.


1919. Stefan and his father Mike fled Ukraine for the New World, where they struggle to earn enough to re-unite the family. Stefan is instantly smitten with the Jewish suffragette neighbour, Rebecca – but Rebecca’s brother Moishe and Mike oppose the would-be Romeo and Juliet. Returned soldiers, angry at the lack of jobs after the war, violently threaten the city’s immigrants, including Emma, the refugee from racist violence in Oklahoma. When a movement develops for workers to leave their jobs in protest, AJ Anderson, a wealthy lawyer, pits all against each other in a dramatic and inspirational final stand.


RATED PG for some violence & coarse language. 

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